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Neko, Ghost, Jump! Came into fruition during Epic Game's Spring #ue4Jam

If you're into Puzzle Platformer with a twist, then this is your game. 

Jam Theme: "The Other Side of the Coin"

We have more than one connection to the theme. Can you find them all?


Gameplay Video:



Gameplay Instructions
All instructions are in the game and it is best to learn to play like that. But...

2D Mode
A, D - Left/Right
Shift - Dash
Spacebar - Jump

3D Mode:
WASD - Forward/Left/Backward/Right
Shift - Dash
Spacebar - Jump

Switch between 2D/3D: C
Switch between Physical Form and Spiritual Form: F

Melee Attack: LMB

(Edit: One did not make it into the game!)

Pause/Retry/Exit Game Menu: ESC / P


Creative Director / Programming / Level Design / UX 

Victor Burgos


Hayk Shanparonyan

2D Art / UI

Nick Kubash

3D Modeling / Animations

James Vaughn Jr.


Manuel Aguirre

Special Note: UMG/Audio Implementation done by Victor & Hayk


Submission for Game Jam judging 243 MB


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Love the perspective shifts.